Service & Maintenance

AD-TECK offer many forms of installations from inline bag house for filtration, to a fully automated reverse osmosis system. Working closely with installation teams and external companies, AD-TECK installations cover a wide variety of projects including:

  • Heavy Duty RO Plant Body.
  • Long lasting Filleting Membrane’s
  • Good Quality Housing
  • UPVC Pipes Fitting
  • Digital Display & Control Panel
  • High Quality ( U V ) barriel

AD-TECK has over 10+ years of knowledge in the ( R O ) industry and is able to offer a wide selection of Purchase service maintenance to suit your requirements, on every aspect on a given system.

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Process Maintenance:

You’ve probably heard the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. This is a mantra adopted by many companies across the India.

  • 01 Technical Services ?

    Feasibility studies • Audits & troubleshooting of existing systems • Pilot testing • Treatment system design • Control system & electrical design g) • System startup • Operator training

  • Electrical manufacturing from circuit boards to complete control systems.
    Treatment systems assembly (including skid-mounted & containerized systems)
    100% QA testing

  • AD-Teck staff includes a core of technical and administrative professionals with over 10+ years of combined experience.